Shannon's Top 20 Check List for Personal Growth and Success

Use the below checklist to see how effective you already are as a professional and leader, and where you can improve.

 Walk the Walk

How can you expect your team to display their best qualities if you do not yourself?

Walk proudly and elegantly; carry yourself with energy.

Smile and connect with each and every person you pass both in front and behind the scenes.

Walk the floor at least once a day-move throughout your entire property and office.

Do it at different times each day. Be seen for all the right reasons. Look the part.

 Talk the Talk

Breathe deeply using diaphragmatic breathing.

Use your warm, confident, interesting, and inspiring professional voice.

Get out and talk to your staff, your guests, your colleagues, your customers, your suppliers.

Find out what they “really think”.

 Show your gratitude

Thank, congratulate, encourage, listen to, and show interest in members of your team and staff in person every day.

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 Show you care

Shake their hand. If you can’t see them in person call them.

Email should be your last point of call. Although an email to congratulate someone with others cc’d in can do wonders for their career.

     Be visible

    Have a meal in the staff canteen at least once per week.

    Connect with people and build relationships.

    Show that you are human and humble.

       Hold successful meetings

      Have a clear agenda. Be timely. Turn off the blackberry etc…Get to the point.

      Have people take responsibility. Have everyone involved. Allow people to express ideas and thoughts. Have clear action points. Hold people accountable. Keep it moving.

      Inspire and motivate your team. Encourage innovation. Stay open to ideas.

      Allow people to make mistakes and use them as an opportunity.

         Expand your connections

        Network at least one time per week. Join an organisation or club.

         Become an ambassador

        Be able to speak about yourself, your role, your company, your property in a way that is professional, warm, interesting, and that ultimately establishes you and your company as a winner.

        Be an ambassador for your company and yourself.

           Take up speaking roles

          Speak publicly one time per month.

             Practice mindfulness

            Do some sort of stress reduction and spiritual connection each day-meditation, nature, deep breathing, prayer, ritual, etc…

               Take care of your body

              Exercise and eat healthy, nutritious and delicious meals.

              Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

              We can feel when health and vitality walk through the door and it is impressive.

              The opposite is not.

                 Manage working hours

                Work sensible hours and encourage your team and staff to do so.

                   Get your hands dirty

                  Get in there and show that you are part of the team and demonstrate how we need to work together.

                  Do not ask someone else to pick it up-pick it up yourself.

                     Build up others

                    Mentor and promote members of your team and staff.

                       Be positive

                      Look for the good in others, no matter how small.

                         Celebrate your wins

                        Celebrate the wins with your team. Small and large.

                           Don't take yourself too seriously

                          When you start to hear yourself thinking that you know it all, have a good laugh.Have fun at work.

                          What gives you the “buzz”? What do you love about what you do?

                          Make sure you get some of that each day.

                             Live from the heart

                            Smile from the heart. Listen with your heart. Open your heart.

                               Communicate clearly

                              Clearly communicate your message about your mission, your goals, and your direction for your property.

                              Get up front of your team and deliver it with passion.

                              Prepare and rehearse. Don’t just “wing it”- it never works.

                              We will follow you when we see your commitment.

                                 Support each other

                                No Man or Woman is an island. We need each other. Connect, Engage, Grow, And Learn. Give thanks and praise each and every day. Count your blessings - we are truly blessed.